Benchmark Litigation Service Provider Focus: Walsworth Administration

Walsworth is a family-owned company employing more than 1,250 people worldwide. Since 1937, we have provided customers with the best possible solutions to grow revenue, improve customer engagement and realize meaningful results. And, despite being one of the largest printing operations in North America, Walsworth provides solutions well beyond putting ink to paper. These include Digital Marketing Services, Content Marketing Solutions, Fulfillment Services, eCommerce-based solutions and, most recently, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

Our strength is understanding business and the importance of building effective management processes required to reach our goals and those of our customers. The combination of our world-class infrastructure, commitment to innovation and strong employee base has allowed us to continually grow our business while remaining nimble enough to leverage new opportunities as they present themselves.

Remaining nimble was the catalyst for Walsworth’s expansion into BPO in the latter part of 2016. Hundreds of committed employees focused on pre-press administrative and editing tasks, a significant floor space and a robust IT infrastructure experienced a tech-driven inflection point as innovative software solutions were taking on more and more of the tasks traditionally handled by this team.

In 2016 Walsworth re-purposed this valuable resource base and announced the launch of Walsworth Administration in conjunction with its first significant engagement – historically, one of the largest mass tort settlement administration projects ever.

All aspects of Walsworth Administration’s BPO operations have been fully vetted by respected and court appointed settlement supervisors and is running two shifts daily with the capacity to support all types and sizes of Business Process Outsourcing projects. Our ability to stand up large teams and complex BPO solutions quickly allows us to engage directly with clients in need of BPO services, and with other BPO operations as a trusted partner to augment in-house capacity.

Contact us today to learn more, or to inquire about services for your specific BPO requirements.

Beau Peters
Walsworth Administration – Business Development (913) 219-8421